An essential collection of H2G's bestsellers to restore your hair, 

extend the follicles life cycle and promote hair growth.

Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Masters the balance between removing build-up and heavy residues and replenishing moisture. Your hair will feel cleansed, clarified and beautifully nourished.

Anti Grey Shampoo

Helps to slow down aging in your hair, reducing the graying process while

giving it a healthy shine.

Hair Reserve Serum

It heals damaged hair and retains the healthy texture for a long time.

Anti Dandruff II Shampoo

Help in reducing scalding, itch, grease and at the same time improve the condition of scalp and micro-circulation by maintaining the scalp at normal level.

Ginseng Hair Conditioner

Rejuvenate damaged or 

split hair, strengthen the maintenance of the defense capability of the scalp.

Hair Serum Series

Mixture of all kind of hair serum, which target

different scalp problems.

Hair Reserve Shampoo

Our quality formula simultaneously cleanses and quenches hair each time you lather up- for healthy and natural and fuller looking hair.

Anti Grey Hair Serum

​Protects melanin of the hair. Prevent further damage by injecting strength and vitality into ageing hair.


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