Our Treatments

The 4-Steps Treatment Approach

Step 1: One-to-One Consultation
Our well-trained professional consultants will conduct a thorough consultation for an in-depth information for every enquiries.

Step 2: Computerized Hair Scanning
Using advanced equipment to scan and examine hair follicles for diagnosis, this is to get a clearer picture of what type of hair and scalp problem you might be suffering from.

Step 3: Exclusive Demodex Hair Mites Analysis
Scalp sample is obtained to detect demodex infestation in hair follicles.

Step 4: Professional Hair Care Treatment
Personalized hair treatment to target problem. Treatment progress is monitored closely by consultants to ensure optimized result.

Apple Stem Cell

This treatment stimulates the dormant hair follicles on the scalp, reactivates the existing scalp cells and activates more follicles to regenerate healthy hair at any given time.

Scalp deep cleansing
• Hair steamer produces ozone (o3) for neutralization of free radicals, sterilization, unclogs hair follicles and improves absorption of nutrients
• High Frequency Therapy remove dead skin cells, sterilizes the hair follicles to ward away bacteria, maintains PH balance of the scalp and promotes local blood circulation
• Hair essence to protect hair from further damage
• Regulate hair growth cycle
• Repair and strengthen hair from root to tip


Power Oil Vacuum

Power Oil Vacuum works to clear away excessive oil and dandruffs by using water cycle system, it is to allow nutrients to be absorbed to the hair follicles easily, and keep the scalp and hair from excessive drying.

• Deep cleansing without any discomfort
• Cooling scalp mask to deeply hydrate and sooth the scalp to restore moisture balance
• Cleanse away excessive sebum, dandruff & dirty particles on the scalp
• Deeply hydrating
• Regulate scalp moisture & oil, helps to control sebum secretion